Skill Book System

With the skill book system, many normal heroes will come out on top! As long as equipping with the skill book, your hero will not be in disadvantage when challenging the epic heroes. Don't worry. Even if the hero excels, the skill book and the skill bar you opened will not be changed. All you need to do is callback!

Of course, besides the original skills, epic heroes are all qualified to learn skills to grow even stronger! The learning of the new skill book won't replace the skill epic hero had originally. That is to say, epic heroes could own more skills at the same time. On the other hand, the normal hero is easy to get while the epic hero is expensive to hire. So come on and check out what are your favorite skills?

  • The Use of Skill Books

  • Types of Skill Books

  • Skill Books Grades

  • Skill Books Level Range

  • Skill Books Level Example

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