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Types of Skill Books

There are single and double skill books. Double skill books contain two skills. They will be named as Skill name 1 + Skill name 2 + Book grade.

Iron Wall: Increase the defense of your army by [x]%.
Encourage: Increase the attack of your army by [x]%.
Infantry Leader: Increase the attack and defense of your Infantry by [x]%.
Cavalry Leader: Increase the attack and defense of your Cavalry by [x]%.
Archer Leader: Increase the attack and defense of your Ranged by [x]%.
Siege: Increase the damage of your Siege Engine by [x]%.
Plunder: Increase the load capacity of your troop by [x]% .
Battle Soul: Increase your hero\'s chance to win in duel by [x]%.
Comprehension: Gain [x]% bonus EXP through battle or quest.
Sacrifice: Strengthen your hero in siege attack by [x]%, but causes your hero to die after battle.
Insight: A [x]% chance to make your opponent\'s skill invalid.
Feign Death: Give hero [x]% chance to feign death and survive battle.
Recognition: Recognize enemy\'s formation so your troop won\'t be restricted.
Fire God: When attacking city, you have a [x]% chance to sabotage 10% of food storage.
Vacancy : Give a [x]% chance for your enemy to retreat without fighting a siege battle.
Restore: Restore [x] more stamina per hour.
Construction: Increase durability of buildings by [x]%.
Fortune: Increase the chance for random events by [x]%.
Farm: Increase the output of Food by [x]%.
Lumber: Increase the output of Wood by [x]%.
Smelt: Increase the output of Iron by [x]%.
Quarry: Increase the output of Stone by [x]%.
Mobility: Increase the speed of Cavalry by [x].
Turbo: Increase the speed of ranged units by [x].
Charge: Increase the speed of Infantry by [x].
March: Increase the speed of all army by [x].
Boost: Increase the speed of Siege Engines by [x].
Ration: Reduce food consumption of the army by [x]%.

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