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As a massively multiplayer online strategy game, Three Kingdoms Online enables thousands of players to come together online and experience battling against each other and conquer the world of Three Kingdoms era in ancient China to become an emperor. Without any download needs, players from across the globe can undertake faction quests and heroic exploits in this warring and chaotic land anywhere, anytime in your browser.

A World of Warlords | Creating an account | Character Creation | Adventuring | Quests
Interface | Social Aspects |King of the Hill | PvP Duel | More

 Well-designed for you to make the maximum of your wisdom and strategy without any download, Three Kingdoms Online is ready for the arrival of millions of prospective players. So step upon the hallowed land of embattled world, and see what journeys await for those who would sit on the throne of Three Kingdoms!

A World of Warlords

With different factions and various states, Three Kingdoms Online draws heavily upon Three Kingdoms era.

Before stepping into the world, players will have to choose one of three countries as Wei, Shu and Wu to start with . By upgrading all your resource, developing your city infrastructure and equiping your heroes with special items, you will be able to recruit a large amount of army and make deployments to start your emperor way.

You can also visit such ancient places as Chi Bi and Guan Du and even conquer it by attending King of the Hill event. Epic heroes, such as Cao Cao, Lu Bu and Guan Yu are also in the game with which you could experience the thrill of fighting side by side of these legendary figures.

In the game, you will find many other brilliant players who are keen in strategy whether on your side or your enemy's. The league in the game plays an extremely important role to further your dream in Three Kingdoms.

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Creating an Account

Before playing Three Kingdoms Online, players first need to create an account on Koramgame.

Just fill in the requested information and you're ready to play! To start with, you need to choose a server.

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Creating a Character

When choosing a character to create in Three Kingdoms Online, there are 3 kingdoms and 14 states available. It is also required a unique Lord name and your favorite avatar which could not be changed. Certain location and country will have special advantages depends on your strategy and your choice here determines much of what you can and cannot accomplish in the world.


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Adventuring in the World

When you first start a game of Three Kingdoms Online, you will be taken to your own city as a start. After a brief in-game introducing your race, you have 7 days as Beginner’s Protection. The BP is for all the players to focus on the recourses and infrastructures and prepare for the war when the BP ends.

Three Kingdoms Online presents many challenges for you in battle. These are footmen, veterans and generals in the faction maps for your heroes to challenge to collect experience. And also, the oasis near your city (within 7*7 area) with Bandits, Underlings and Mounted Rogues stationing could give your resource output accordingly if you have defeated all the troops on the oasis. Be careful, the other ambitious players and enemies from hostile league will keep providing conflict and danger on your journeys.

You'll also meet many familiar epic heroes such as Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. You could also find some mysterious figures from Chinese legends. And you'll encounter more enemies as NPV in the state cities and county cities.

The map you will be able to explore is full of various kinds of lands and cites. You can talk to all the players in World Channel. When you join a league, we could talk with your league members in League Channel to socialize, support each other and most importantly organize attack there.

Grand Melee is where heroes challenge each other. Heroes who participated in more than 30 challenges a week will receive exploit that can be exchanged into powerful items. When you think you are strong enough, Warrior's Tournament is available for high-level players, and offer many strong counterparts and rich rewards.

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Quests are a big part of Three Kingdoms Online. Like most other role-playing games, in Court Quest Three Kingdoms Online lets you advance in rank as you donating Tribute Token. You could also gain experience to upgrade your hero by Faction Quest. Unlike in other games, quests are a significant tool for level advancement. Players who try to level up through sheer combat will never advance as fast as those who combine questing with battling.

These Faction Quests can range from the simple to the complex. Some quests ask you to plunder the food stores, participate in an ancient war to support, others ask you to contribute bronze, and others ask you to talk to epic character or even slay some historic hero. Other quests ask you to deliver food to other NPCs, escort important characters out of danger, or scout the enemy. Although many quests share a similar structure, all of them are presented by unique NPCs who deliver interesting back-story with each quest, which in turn brings the world alive and gives each quest a unique flavor.

Main Task gives you a clue on how to develop foundations, build infrastructures and make prosperity, after meeting the standard of certain requirement, you will be eligible to claim the reward accordingly.

In Daily Quest, you could claim your daily stipend and do 3Kingdoms Quiz and Book of heroes quest to get more resource to boost your development.

Although those who love the three kingdoms story will want to dive into the quests for the lore they reveal, many players will also want to complete quests for the experience and the rewards. Nearly all quests give sizeable experience rewards.

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Simple Interface

Three Kingdoms Online has as friendly a user interface as possible to make the game accessible to all players. For more details about the interface please click here.


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Social Aspects

Three Kingdoms Online is an online game with thousands of players, so naturally the game is built to facilitate extensive in-game socializing. You can search for players easily by name, looking for those near to you on the map. You could communication through Chat Window and in game message. You can also ignore players who are unfriendly to you by setting Ignore List.

You could also use Location Record when you searching on the map  Simply by recording, you can keep track of any location for support or attack.

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King of the Hill

In the historic time of Three Kingdoms, there are certain strategic locations that all warlords lusted after. To promote the idea of epic adventuring of ancient China with friends, Three Kingdoms Online also introduces a concept called King of the Hill.

In the beginning of the game, a force of NPC will emerge in the special city where the event is held. Players must first eliminate this force to control the city. Each member is allowed one hero and a limited number of soldiers to participate in this event, though other players of the same league can support and help. Players will have all the benefits of a single-player role-playing experience but with the camaraderie and fun of an online game.

Other players who arrive later will try to take control of the city from the current owner. In this event, all participants have a chance to be rewarded.

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Player-versus-Player Duel

Player-versus-player gameplay is very important to Three Kingdoms Online. However, the developers are mindful that players are very divided about this issue.

Grand Melee is where heroes challenge each other. You could choose who to challenge but once you joined Battle Arena, others could also choose you as their wishes. However, in the battlefield things are different, you can sometimes be attacked by players of the opposing leagues without warning. On the maps, you could attack oasis and other NPV cities and players from opposing leagues can attack each other freely.

Koramgame wants to encourage players to participate in Grand Melee, since the Hero conflict is central to the Three Kingdoms. As you defeat enemy players, you will receive exploit which enable you exchange powerful items. Keep in mind though, that you will only gain exploit for participating in more than 30 challenges a week. And you could only challenge heroes near your level.

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Learning More

The information in this guide is a teaser for Three Kingdoms Online. Indeed, the information contained herein is just a small sample of the epic adventure in Three Kingdoms era.

To learn more about the game, visit the complete Three Kingdoms Online Guide section in the game.

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