Getting Started

Do I need to download a client end?

I am a new player, what should I do?

Do I need to spend a lot of time and money on this game?

Will my resource fields produce when I am offline?

What is gold? Can I still enjoy the game without gold?

How often does the ranking list update?

How can I set up an entrust account?

The game time is in historic time. What's so special about that?

How do I host a festivity celebration in the Theatre?

Can I attack my own city or oasis?

What's the use of Theatre's Commercial Value?

Expanding Your Cities

How can I increase my population limit?

How can I build a Barrack?

What's the difference between residence and population?

Why does food prodocution decrease?

What's Commercial Value?

How many poineers do I need to build the sub-city?

How many sub-cities can I own at most?

What's the difference between main city and sub-cities?

Is there any limit for building the Warehouse ?

At most, how many oases can each city occupy?

How can I conquer an oasis that has been already occupied by other players?

Can I abandon an oasis that I occupied?

What’s the highest level of each building?

Hero and Military

For the archers stationed in the Tower, what determines their defensive ability?

Can you enhance Scout's scouting ability by upgrading their attack in the Weaponsmith?

How can I recruit more heroes?

How often will be the hero list refresh?

What happens to the items equiped on a hero when he flees in battle?

What happens when your hero flee in battle?

What can you do after you exile a hero?

Can I change the name of a hero?

What if the hero runs out of stamina?

How much stamina will the hero recover per hour?

How can I remove his title after a hero has been appointed to be a Governor?

Who can be considered a powerful hero?

Is there any actual heroes from the famous novel - "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" in the game?

Can I transfer heroes to another player?

Why are my soldiers disappearing?

Can I cancel an army recruitment?

League and Diplomacy

How can I establish a League?

What's the limit of members for one league?

How can I improve the limit of members in a league?

Can the League leader abdicate from his position?

How many deputy League leaders are there?

Can I change the name of League?

Items and Equipments

What are the small icons on the bottom right corner of the Resource and City interfaces?

What happens when I donate Tribute Orders?

How do I use the Scrollpurse?

Does the repeated use of Token of Rain, Grindstone, and other similiar items generate stacking effects?

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