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In Three Kingdoms Online, different kingdoms have different types of troop and technology trees.
Wei: Stronger but also more expensive soldiers. An extra space in the building queue provides a better chance to develop economy. More powerful in the late stage of the game.
Shu: Primary soldiers are the most cost efficient. Very aggressive at the early stage, thrives on invading others.
Wu: Highly effective Hidden Warehouse can protect your resources when you have enemy invading. In the later stage of the game, this can help you to survive overwhelming enemies.


Equipments, weapons, mounts and scrolls can help your hero to achieve significant victories. You may obtain items by purchasing them in the Mall, or by completing quests and receiving rewards.


• Scrimmage: Send your heroes to the camps to challenge their leader. This can help them to gain experiences and items.
• Encounter: Including City War and National War, held once per week. Attack and occupy an appointed city to get an abundance of rewards.
• Chasing the Throne: There are 40 types of different troops in the game, and various siege devices. You may successfully challenge powerful rivals with a combination with superior strategy. Build a level 20 palace and defend it to establish your own empire.


• Main Quests: For beginners, the main quest provides a good structure as to what to do in game. For the more advanced players, main quest is still a place where you can claim generous rewards.
• Daily Quests: Participate in the daily quests for fun and challenges. Take the TKO quiz to see how well you know the game and the history. or claim your noble stipend from the royal court.
• Court Quest: Nobility ranks help a player in many ways. It grants you a higher output bonus, while allowing you to appoint your heroes to higher posts. Donate tribute tokens or give the court whatever they need in exchange of a higher nobility rank. • Faction Quests: Visit the faction map to partake in scrimmage, duel or challenges. Later on in the game, faction quests may generate rare rewards and EXP for your heroes.

There are 641 epic heroes in game. Players can hire them from the Career House. You may conquer other cities and capture other players' epic heroes as well.


• League Status: It is important for every player to have a basic understanding of their league when they are choosing a league to join.
• League Structures: League members can view the general structure of the league here.
• League Logs: You can view the achievement record for every step of development and conquer of your league.
• League Military: Military officers can arrange warfare of the league.
• League Policy: Officers of each league can modify and appoint officers and titles.
• League Ranking: Know thy enemy and know thyself, and thy shall never be defeated.

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