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The Rules is based on the full comprehension of game functions and player behaviors in Three Kingdoms Online. Before entering the game, players should have full understanding of all the Terms and Clauses in the Rules, and obey them in the game. If your account is frozen due to violation to the Game Rules, you can check this document to confirm if your behavior in the game is against the regulation..

1. Passport, Password and property of account

1.1 Passport
One player should only obtain one passport activated in the game. The register of this passport is regarded as the obtainer of full right to any in-game data. Any private agreements between players are not considered valid. Obtainer of a passport will take full responsibility of any actions within that account.

1.2 Password
The password means the access to player's passport. Password should never be given to any other players who have activated his or her accounts in the same server under any condition. If a player notifies his password to others, that means he has disposed his rights to the passport and all the in-game data with it. Any losses caused by leaking password will not be compensated.

It is allowed to notify password to a non-player user, who has not activated in the game, and share the account with him or her

Anyone who login with the correct password is regarded as one who reserved all rights of the account. Any losses caused by his operation will not be amended in any means. If a player leaks password to others, or uses simple password which can be easily guessed, he is not authorized to claim for compensation.

Anyone who activates Three Kingdoms Online with the passport and its password should be informed about and accept the full content of Game Rules.

If a player wants to let others to manage his or her account, he or she should use the in-game entrust functions, instead of notifying the password to others. See details on the clauses above.

2. Entrusting and public computers

2.1 Entrusting
Every player is allowed to set two players as his entrusted player, who can manage his account with limited authority when he signed out. Entrusted players' behavior in the game should and must be based on the independent benefit of the original player. The entrusting period should not be longer than two weeks. Player is not allowed to entrust his or her account to anyone for longer period. If a player is not going to login for a long period and want to consign another player to manage his account, he should report it to our GM first.
Entrusted player's behavior is limited as follow:
* Not be able to use any functions related to gold coins
* Not permitted to change the account profiles
* When attacking others, entrusted player can only choose between "plunder" and "destroy".
* Not allowed to attack others with Battering Rams, Demolishers or Lobbyists.
* Entrusted player and the original player can not attack any other players at the same time.

Any losses caused by the entrusted player during the entrusting period will not be amended. Entrusted player should take the full responsibility for his behavior to the original player. If entrusted player run against any game rules when he login with the original account, the account will be punished as well.

To entrust your account to others, players should use the entrust functions in the game. Entrusted player should login with the original player's account name and his own password. Login with the original player's account AND password will be regarded as the behavior of original user. Any problem caused by leaking password to the entrusted player will not be solved by manage team, as mentioned in the clauses above.

2.2 Public computers
It is forbidden for two or more players to login on a public computer (which was shared by more than one player).
3. Resource transporting

3.1 Introduction
It is not allowed to register an account in the aim to assist other players in the game. Players who receive large amount of resource in malicious transporting will not be punished, as long as he or she informs GM about that situation.

3.2 Permitted and forbidden behaviors
Amount of resource transporting is limited. In 24 hours, Minor Players can only provide resources that equal to his output in 1 hour to the Major Players, while Major Players can only provide resources equal to his output in 3 hours to the Minor Players. This amount includes resources transported in any kind of behaviors, including Market trading, tribute, League construction and military consumption.

24 hours: Resource transport amount is not calculated according to the natural day. Any resource transport within 24 hours since the 1st transporting occurs will be regarded as transported in the same day.

Product definition: It means resources produced in all the cities of a player. This includes the total amount of production in main city and all the sub-cities, before calculating the consumption of military troops. For example, if a player's main city shows the output of resource as 300/300/300/180, while the troops consumes 120 Food per hour, and he has a sub-city which provides 80/80/80/45 output, while troop consumption is 35/hour, then he can transport 380/380/380/225 resources to other players.

Major Player and Minor Player: The Major Player is a player who has the higher place in the Player Ranking list, according to their Influential Value, which is based on their population.

Under war condition: If a player has supporting troops in other player's city, he can transport Food to that city. Amount of transported Food should be no more than the consumption of his troops in 24 hours.

3.3 Entrusting and resource transporting
There is no on-way resource transporting allowed between the entrusted and original players, regardless of the direction of transporting. This restriction includes the trading in the Market.

1:1 exchanging between entrusted and original accounts is allowed as usual. All the exchanging resources should reach its termination within 48 hours. Under war condition, if a player has supporting troops in other player's city, he can transport Food to that city.

4. Multi-accounts on the same PC

Each player can only control one account in a server. Players who control multi accounts will be punished seriously as soon as discovered.

If a player is unsatisfied with the result you accomplished in the game, he or she can register another account to restart the game. But the previous account cannot be used any longer. Nor can he or she plunder his former account. Providing benefits by creating more than one account is also forbidden. All these behaviors are regarded as multi-accounts.

Negotiation between players on exchanging their cities with function of Lobbyist is not allowed. Under this situation, even they login with different IP, their relationship and login status will be recorded. The judgment multi-accounts behaviors is depend on the administrator's decision.

Administrators in the game will address punishments on the violation behaviors, varying from alerting to permanent freezing of accounts.

5. Attack on friendly users

5.1 Forbidden behaviors
It is not allowed to provide resources, of a player's own or his entrusting accounts, for other players to plunder, or provide cities for others to occupy. Abandoning a city spontaneously under the condition of persuading, threatening or negotiating will be punished.

If the produced resources in a city are mainly consumed by plunder rather than construction, this city will be regarded as illegally providing resources to others. This behavior is equaled to one-way transporting, see details in Term 3 .

Attacking players in the same league or a player who has entrusting relationship with the player himself is not allowed. Attacking an off-line player in the same league or his oasis is also forbidden..

5.2 Conquering a city
In the following conditions, players are not allowed to conquer others' cities:
 Players are not allowed to conquer any cities of another player, who has established entrusting relationship between them.
 Players are not allowed to conquer a former league member's city within 2 days after that member left the league.
This term is also applied to the battle over oasis.

6. Program flaws

If a player finds any flaws in the game program, he or she should immediately reports it to the Custom Service or game administrator. Exploiting on program flaws will be regarded as violation to the game rule, and will be punished seriously. Our manage team will offer rewards for those players who first report the detail information of the game bugs.

7. Real money trading

Any real money trades on the game contents, including passport account, military forces, cities or resources, in or out of game will be punished. Players are not allowed to take any behaviors in the game aiming for real money paying.

8. Nomination rules

Following content are not allowed to appear in the passport account, personal profiles, lord name, city name, league name, league declaration and personal messages:
a. Any contents related to obscenity, indelicacy, calumny, racism and superstition;
b. Any contents that offends to the certain religion, nationality, gender and age;
c. Any contents that is harmful for children, or against the local or international laws;
d. Any contents that against the Game Rules;
e. Any contents that extorting or defrauding other players;
f.  Any information that intended to spoil the default interface of game;
g. Any names that related to 'GM', 'Admins' or other titles which will confuse players;
h. Announcing any advertisement without official permission.

9. Punishments

Any behaviors against the game rule will be punished. Method of punishment will depend on the degree of violation to the Game Rule.
Punishments include but are not limited to treatments as follows :
• Deleting part or all of player's population (by demoting the level of constructions and/or resource fields);
• Deleting cities;
• Deleting part or all of stocked resources in the Warehouses and/or Grain Stores;
• Deleting part or all of player's troops;
• Remove from league or disband the league which created by the player;
• Deleting game data or permanently removing player's authority to access in the game.
• Deleting the passport or freezing any service provided to that passport.

9.1 Compensation
Any losses player suffers during the freezing period, including resource, construction, city and military troops, will not be compensated by the manage team of Three Kingdoms Online.

9.2 VIP account
Appeals for amending the losses during the frozen period, including VIP consumption and gold coin losses, will not be accepted.

VIP users have no privilege of pardon on the punishments against disobedience to the Game Rule, neither on the priority of processing nor on the judgment of behavior.

9.3 Appealing
Any opinions and suggestions of players to our Rules and treatments are highly evaluated and appreciated. Players can contact with us via the official Custom Server Email: All the mails will be treated within 2 working days. All the appealing mails should be composed in simplified Chinese, beside the situation that the managing member expressed directly that he or she can accept appealing mails in other languages.

10. Illegal login

It is strictly forbidden to get accessed to profiles of other players' accounts. Those who run against this term of Rules will suffer serious punishment, including permanently freezing game account or deleting game data. The official manage team will NEVER ask users to provide their accounts and passwords under any circumstance.
11. Prevailing

Behaviors that prevail other players to violate the Game Rules, like malicious transporting and leaking password intentionally, is forbidden.

12. Third-party tools

Any behaviors include editing or decoding the game program, developing 3rd-party plug-ins for automatically operation in the game, background controlling, changing the user interface, or making any other changes to the program are not allowed. This game should be loaded by traditional internet browsers. Any code that will cause extra load to the server is not allowed to use.

13. Deleting accounts

Players who are deleting or going to delete their accounts are also restrained by the rule. The limitation in the Term 2 still takes effect. Leaving his city for other players to occupy is forbidden.

14. Gold coin operation

14.1 Compensation
Any losses of gold coins caused by leaking account information will not be compensated, except under the circumstance that the game server is hacked.

If the obtainer of account is going to take legal steps to seek for compensation from the hacker, our team will provide necessary materials, like the login IP record, to the related department.

14.2 Violation
If a player's account is banned because of his disobedience to the Game Rule, his gold coins in the account will not be returned.

14.3 Rules on sharing gold coins
A player's gold coins can be shared in any servers in the same server-group. If his access to a single server is frozen due to the disobedience, he can still login to other servers and use gold coins as well. If his passport is frozen due to serious violation, all the coins in the account are frozen.

15. Editing on rules

Managing team of Three Kingdoms Online reserves all rights to change any rules above..
16. Amendments on rules

While any terms in this rule is or will be no longer available, other terms are still in effect. Administrators have right to add new rules or change the invalid rules to the new ones. New rules will immediately take effect as they are announced. Administrators have the right and responsibility to make up any potential flaws in the Game Rules. The behaviors of taking advantage of any flaws in the rules or amendments will be traced back.


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