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The Use of Skill Books

Every hero, including epic heroes, has 3 skill bars.

Skill books are either bound or unbound. The bound skill books cannot be traded between players.

You need special items to activate each skill bar. Treasured Bolus , Purple Bolus and Styrax Bolus are used to activate the first, second and third skill bars respectively. Each skill bar stays permanently open once activated.

As soon as you equip the Skill Books in the skill bars, then the hero will be able to use the skills contained in the book.

There are single-skill books and double-skill books. Double skill books contain two skills.

Higher level epic heroes will have 2 skill bars activated. Only the 1st skill bar will be occupied with a natural skill.

Normal heroes do not have activated skill bars. You need to activate skill bars for them. However, even if your hero is exiled, the skill bar and the Skill Book in it won’t be lost. The skills with which Heroes are naturally endowed will not be affected by skill books.

The newly learned Skill Books will overwrite the old ones. The original Skill Book has to be abandoned first before learning a new one.

Effects do stack with skill books. Skill bonuses (attack, defense, recruit speed, etc.) also stack with multiple skill books.

When at Lv. 50, reborn characters who practice any skill they knew in their past life can have an epiphany. An epiphany causes the skill to leap to its former high level after the character practices it to half of this original skill.

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