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Emperor’s Road Detailed Instructions

1. Every state has a State Capital. The State Capital becomes available 60 days after the server starts.

2. When the State Capital System becomes available, initially there are NPC’s occupations. Players must annihilate these NPCs before conquering the Capital.

3. The first one who successfully captures the State Capital will find that the Capital’s resources are full and all the buildings are completed. Players cannot add or demolish any buildings in the Capitals.

4. The amount of State Capitals one can occupy depends on their Nobility Rank. Generalissimo and Lord are able to occupy 2 State Capitals at most. Other ranks can only capture one State Capital.

5. Capital will not be counted into the player’s sub-city quote (It is irrelevant to commercial value).

6. If a player is still allowed to have a more Capital, then he or she may not occupy the Capital until annihilate all forces in the city in the Destroy mode.

7. If the attackers and the defenders end up in a draw, the city remains to the defenders.

8. Only Destroy Mode could be used if you want to take a city. (not plunder)

9. Alliance forces’ attack will be converted to support automatically.

10. Each time when the State Capital is taken over by a new owner, the resources in the city will be reduced by 50% and all the recruiting process will be cancelled. Deployment that has been issued prior to the take-over will also be terminated.

11. When a Capital is taken, the current heroes will switch to wander status.

12. Population in the Capital will not be counted as the total population of the player. Neither does the commercial value nor number of cities.

13. State Capitals cannot be renamed, cannot be relocated with Capital Move Token or State Token.

14. All Capitals’ buildings are pre-built. Players cannot add, upgrade or demolish existing buildings.

15. All available technologies for unit upgrades are researched.

16. The basic resource fields for State Capitals are 3 Wood, 3 Stone, 3 Iron and 9 Farm.  All Wood, Stone, Iron,  Food resource fields are level 20.

17. State Capital gets additional bonus features in resource output, recruitment speed, and movement speed.
Wood, Stone, Iron Output Increase by 100%, Food Increase by 150%
Recruitment Speed Increase by 50%
Movement Speed Increase by 50%

18. Players cannot attack State Capitals with Battering Rams, Demolishers or lobbyists.

19. Capitals cannot use the functions of the Governor’s House, such as Taxation, Relief, Curfew, and etc.

20. Capitals can import resources from other cities, but cannot export resources to other cities. The Capital has an abundance of storage space (240,000 Warehouse, 960,000 Granary). Capitals are not restricted by the rule of using five resource packs a day. It is unlimited.

21. Troops of Capitals owner can be deployed are restricted. In another word, they can only deploy a certain number of troops. For Generalissimo is 4, Lord is 3, Infante is 2 and other ranks is 1.

22. Click on the “Emperor’s Road” button on the left panel. Players may check the ownership of the State Capitals as well as the time needed for military forces reaching these targets.

23. Each player may occupy 2 States Capital at most.

24. The basic resource fields for County Capitals are 4Wood, 4Stone, 4Iron and 6Farm.  All Wood, Stone, Iron resource fields are level 14. Food resource fields are level 19.

25. There is only one Imperial Capital in each city. Two months after the server starts, the capital system will be available to all players. The city structure and the bonus are equal to the State Capitals. Occupying an Imperial capital will not take up the player’s Capital quota too. The most a player may capture is 1 Imperial Capital, 2 State Capitals, and 2 County Capitals.

26. The Imperial Capital is different from any other cities in the sense that it has a special Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace may upgrade. The level of this palace is related to whether a player may be crowned as the emperor or not.

27. Only after players have acquired two State Capitals can they acquire the Imperial Capital. Players who do not have possession of two State Capitals could attack the Capital but they cannot occupy it.

28. Newly added Rank 1 nobility title: Emperor. To become the Emperor, one must have possession of the Imperial Capital, reach 2234400 for contribution value, acquire 2 State Capitals and fully upgrade the Imperial Palace. Starting at level 5, every time the Imperial Palace upgrades, a group of Loyalists will attack the Imperial Capital, till the Imperial Palace reaches level 20. At any point, if the player loses a State Capital or Imperial Capital, or if they could not resist the wave of loyalists, then the Imperial Palace will return to level 5.

29. Players that have reached the Emperor status are granted the following bonuses: A. Increase recruitment speed of all cities by 20%. B. Increase Contribution Value by 20 points per Contribution Token. C. All army’s attack and defense increases by 15%.

30. Newly added Rank 2 nobility title: Prime Minister. To become the Prime Minister, players need to have possession of the Imperial Capital, reach 1396500 points of Contribution Value, and 2 Capitals. If the player loses the possession of the Imperial Capital or have less than 2 State Capitals, then they will lose the Prime Minister status as well.

31. Players who become Prime Ministers may enjoy the following benefits: A. Increase Contribution Value by 20 points per Contribution Token. B. All army’s attack and defense increase by 15%.

32. New Rank 2 nobility titles: Lord of Wei, Lord of Shu, Lord of Wu. To achieve one of these titles, players must reach 1396500 points of Contribution Value and acquire at least one State Capital. Lord of Wei: Pu-yang of Yanzhou. Lord of Shu: Cheng-du of Yizhou. Lord of Wu, Jian-ye of Yangzhou.

33. The titles of Lord of Wei, Shu and Wu offer the following benefits: all army’s attack and defense increase by 15%.

34. New Rank 2 nobility title: Lord of Qin. To become the Lord of Qin, players must reach 2234400 points of Contribution Value. After reaching the previous limit, the player with the highest Contribution Value of each server will be the Lord of Qin. The server recalculates every Saturday at 24:00 and issues a new title. The new Lord of Qin is effect for one week.

35. Players who obtain the title of Lord of Qin may enjoy the following benefits: Increase all army’s attack and defense by 15%.

36. To see where you stand among other players in term of Contribution Value, we have added the Contribution Value Ranking. Players may easily view their Contribution Value and compare it to that of other players.

37. One player may obtain multiple titles as long as they qualify the criteria. However, the title benefits do not stack. The player may only get bonuses of the most beneficial title.

38. When war occurs in the County Capitals, State Capitals and Imperial Capital, the chance to trigger the Empty City Strategy is 25%.

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