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Walkthrough: Conquer the Black Flag Camp


Black Flag Camp is a troop consisting Bandit, Ringleader and Armed Rogue. They are plotting to set stronghold in each state and plan to establish the strong forces of darkness. Their strongholds are called as Black Flag Camp. Such camps are guarded by three heroes. And the Black Flag General is their commander. Draw your sword, your commitment and determination is needed to capture their black force!


A: Individual Prize
Main city Food Max-up; Epic hero Black Flag General (lv.1)

B: League Prize
Requirement: League Members 50 or above can get this prize
Marching Chest x10; Scroll of Experience (1000) x10



1. During the event, the coordinates will be refreshed once an hour (e.g., at 10:00, 11:00(PDT)). Your will get message of the coordinates by that time. However, if you have problems to get the message, please try to logout and login again or ask other players for information. .

 2. Copy the coordinates in the message above, and input them in the top-left of your map. Click OK to search for the Black Flag Camp.

3. Deploy to attack the Black Flag Camp.Please be cautious and send elite soldiers.

4.You may meet three generals in the Black Flag Camp, Taishi Ci, Yan Liang and Pang Tong. After you defeat Pang Tong, in about an hour, you will receive the main city Food Max-up, and your league leader will receive the League Prize when your league member is 50 or above. Also you will have a chance (50%) to recruit Black Flag General when you’ve got the Intelligence Letter from the mall.


1. You or your alliance need to defeat three heroes before the Black Flag Camp refreshing. Taishi Ci, Yan Liang and Pang Tong will appear in sequence and you cannot challenge the next one until you’ve defeated the previous, which means you need to attack at least three times. Pang Tong is the core hero in this event.

2. You need to check your battle report for the result. If you fail to defeat Pang Tong this time, you will not receive the prize but you can try again later during this event.

3. If you defeated Pang Tong and get main city Food Max-up, but you fail to recruit the Black Flag General or get the League Prize, you will lose your chance to recruit him or get League Prize during this event, even if you succeed in defeating Pang Tong again.

4. Each League who meets the member requirement (50 or above) can receive at most the League Prize twice.

5. You can get Individual Prize once only during this event.

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