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Walkthrough: Upgrade and Regeneration of Skill Books

How do you feel when you are facing that many skill books in your treasury but without the right one? Cheer up! Check out our newly upgrade skill books system with which you could Upgrade and Regenerate your Skill Books!


With the newly upgraded system, single skill books and double skill books could be upgraded! The skill book which will be upgraded is called Target Book, while the auxiliary one which will be used up is named as Sacrificial Book. Target Book and Sacrificial Book are from the skill books you owned. Most of the skills can be used as Target Book(excluding March、Boost、Fortune、Long Riding、Sprint、Charge etc. ) or Sacrificial Book. For each upgrade, one Target Book (the one that will be upgraded) and two Sacrificial Books (the ones that of the same level and regardless of the specific skill) are required. All the Sacrificial Books will disappear regardless of the result of the upgrade. Sacrificial Token can be used when there are not enough skill books. Sacrificial Token can be acquired through drop out or purchase.

There is certain probability of failure, Basic Tutorage Token and Advanced Tutorage Token can be used to reduce the probability of failure. Tutorage Token can be found in Mall. All the Sacrificial Books and Tutorage Token will disappear regardless of the result of the upgrade.


With the newly upgraded system, skill books could be regenerated to new skill books with the random skill. For regeneration, only two Sacrificial Books are required, of which one Regeneration Token could be used as a substitute. Two Sacrificial Books for regeneration needed to be of the same level and type (single skill book or double skill book).

Skill books regenerated from single skill books are of the same level single skill and those regenerated from double skill books are the same level double skills. The level of the skills in the skill books instead of the level of the skill books will be the factor accounted during regeneration.

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