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Prizes and Rules for

King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a weekly event on Three Kingdoms Online. In this exciting, bloody clash of heroes and warlords, the strongest of all will triumph on top. Do you have what it takes to rise from the rest? Participate to find out!

How to:

To begin, simply click on the King of the Hill icon  in your City or Resource interface. No signups are required to participate. Just make sure that you are on time. All players are encouraged to join the weekly rumble.
The 13 states in the game are divided into four regions.  Each region has its own special city where this event is held. There is also one special city, Xu-Chang which holds the National War. All players regardless of their location may challenge this city.
This is a recurring event that takes place weekly. Each actual event only last for 30 minutes. To be fair, it takes all players' army the same amount of time to arrive in the special cities.

In the beginning, a force of NPC will emerge in the special city where the event is held. Players must eliminate this force to control the city. Each player may only bring one hero and a limited amount of soldiers. However other league members can help and support.
All other players who arrive later will try to defeat the current owner for the city’s control.
Remember that 90% of the soldiers that you lose in this event will be restored to you after the event is over. So don't worry. Go all out.

Awards and Prizes:

All players who controlled the special cities at some point in the event are eligible for prizes. (Ordinary and special rewards are divided. Ordinary rewards will appear in settled time. eg, from 2:00 to 2:30, every 5 minutues appears)

The rewards for these players will be:
One Major Package of Wealth (All) + One Premium Skill Book

There are also three special winners for each Regional War and the National War. They are:
Master of Marching: the player who occupies this city for the longest period.
Chief Slayer: the player who killed the most of opposing soldiers.
Lord of War: randomly chosen amongst all the players that have had ownership of the city.

These players will be given special prizes, including a license to impose tax. This license allows them to impose tax on all members of a chosen league from a specific state. This means an enormous amount of resources, so make sure that your warehouse is big enough so you don’t waste your hard-earned rewards. This special item cannot be purchased elsewhere, and is only available through participating in this event.

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