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League Guide

I. Why join a league?

In the competitive world of Three Kingdoms Online, regardless of how powerful a player becomes, the individual is still limited. To obtain higher greatness, and to truly dominate others, one must rely on the collective strength of a team – a league.

In a league, members may form defensive alliances, transport and provide supplies, and request support in times of trouble. As the level of the league increase, members will begin to benefit from various additional bonuses such as an increase in resource output.

Most importantly, leagues allow friendships and comradely to form. May you league prevail, and may your brotherhood stand strong.

II. How to join a league?

Click on the button on the top panel, and choose the league that you’d like to join. Click on the league name to submit a join request. League leaders will decided whether to accept you into the league.

III. How to create a league?

Click on the button on the top panel. Goto  tab and click on  to create a new league. Give your league an appropriate name, and write a short and attractive message to invite others to join.


1. Contribution Value

Contribution Value is earned through the donation of Tiger Token. Individual members may support the league by donating Tiger Tokens.

2. League Supply

League supply is the accumulation of all the Tiger Token’s contribution value. The higher the league supply, the higher the league level.

3. League Level

Depend on the league supply. The greater the league supply is, the higher the league rank will be, hence increasing the level of output bonus.

4. Output Bonus

Increase the resource output of all members by a certain percentage. The bonus is dependant on the level of the league.

5. League Territory

Leaders and Vice Leaders may relocate the league cities for the betterment of the league.

6. Ranking

League ranking is decided by various factors. Check league rankings to find out the strength of different leagues.

7. Civil Affair

League officials may rearrange league structure, appoint officials and take care of other league affairs here.

8. Military Affair

League officials may arrange military actions here.

9. Journal

Civil and military events can all be viewed here.

10. Structure

All members may view the structure and management of the league here.

11. Status

A summary of useful information about the league. A good place to start if you are looking for a league to join.

Detailed Rules:

I. Create League

When you create a league, your league supply will be 0, and league level will be 1. Your will have a member limit of 80. This limit can be raised by using Motivational Order.

League’s output bonus is dependant on league’s level. Output bonus affects all members of the league. (Output bonus is equivalent to the league level. Sample: League level: 3, output bonus: 3%)

1. Output bonus only effective when league has more than 30 members
2. All members with Contribution Value greater than 100 may benefit from output bonus when league level is higher than 0.
3. Members with Contribution Value less than 100 may only benefit after league level reaches 3.
4. The top three contributors to a league may enjoy a 150% increase based on the current output bonus. Player must qualify condition 1, 2, 3.
5. League leader also qualifies condition 4.
6. League output bonus ineffective for State, County and Imperial capitals.

II. Joining a League

Following effects will take place when a player joins a league:

1. Increase league member by 1, initial contribution value is set to 0.
2. When league is higher than level 3, and with more than 30 members, player will automatically benefit from output bonus.

III. Donate Supply

Players may voluntarily donate supply to increase the League Supply and individual Contribution Value.
1. After member donates, League Supply will increase. When League Supply reaches a certain level, league will reach a new level and obtain new output bonus.
2. After member donates, player’s contribution value will increase. This may increase their rank within the league. Special output bonus benefit to the top three donor of each league.
3. When League Supply reaches its maximum level, players may still donate. However the League Supply won’t increase, while member’s Contribution Value still will.

IV. Quit League

When a player quit a league, the League Supply won’t change. The contribution record of the member will be cleared. If the member rejoins the same league, their Contribution Value will be restored.

However if the league’s members decrease below 30, all members will lose Output Bonus.

If the league leader or one of the top three donors quit the league, the new leader or top donor will qualify the 150% special bonus.

V. Change League Leader

League Leader may appoint new leader. After the change, the new leader and top 3 donors still receive the 150% special bonus. Original leader will become a normal member, and if not ranked in the top 3 donor, will lose the special bonus.

VI. Disband League

When a league disbands, League Supply reset to 0, League Leader’s Contribution reset to 0. Even if the league reunites, the League Supply and leader’s Contribution will remain 0.

VII. League Items

Members may donate items and supplies to increase the member limit. These items include: Mobilization Order, Marching Pocket and Marching Chest. Of which, Marching Pocket can only be used when player is lower than level 10. Marching Chest may be used freely, and Mobilization Order can increase league member limit by 5 (Max limit: 150).

How to obtain these items:

1. Rewards from Faction Camp.
2. Given when a player refills account. When player purchase gold, Marching Chest will be rewarded. In addition, every purchase of 200 gold (accumulate) will result another. Mobilization Order is given the first time the player purchases gold. And each 500 USD purchased after that.

VIII. How to Donate

There are Donate buttons in the Contribution Ranking and League Member pages. Players may donate Tiger Tokens or items.

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