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Hero Coalition Skills of Normal Hero

With hero coalition skills, your normal hero is not normal anymore!


1. The normal heroes are randomly generated by the system and can be hired free.

2. The Hero Coalition Skills of normal heroes are different from epic heroes. They have three kinds of skills, and the combinations are 2, 3, and 5. When the normal heroes have the same skills (Infantry Leader, Cavalry Leader, Archer Leader), they may launch Coalition Skills accordingly (Heaven and Earth, All Hands Go and Arrow Torrent).

3. The launch probability of normal heroes is higher than the star level 1 Epic Hero Coalitions. According to the number of heroes, the power will be different also. For example, 3 normal heroes with the skill of Infantry Leader will be likely to activate the Hero Coalition Skill which will Increase offense's infantry attack by 5% and Decrease offense's infantry attack by 5%.



2010-04-14 16:16:44

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