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Customize Your Nickname on Koramgame Forum


Dear TKO players,

As suggested by some players, players will be offered a chance to customize a brand new nickname on Koramgame forum. This new feature will be available on May 14th 01:00 (PDT). If you have any difficult to experience this new feature, please read this following instruction.

Step one:

If you login TKO APP on Facebook, click on Forum button on the bottom of the page (Please make sure you have logged in your Facebook).

If you login the forum from the official website, click on the Forum button on the top-right corner of the page.

Step two:

Once this new feature is in use, the first time you login in the game. The user CP page below will appear automatically. And please input the nickname you would like to use at the Nickname bar in the middle of the page.

In case you might not come up with your new nickname yet, you can just leave this current page by clicking the forum button(top-left of the page) back into the forum page.

Step 3:

After inputting your new nickname, click Submit on the bottom of the page to finish.


1. If leaving the nickname unchanged the first time you see the above page, you will still have chance for every next time you login in. All you have do is to click the User CP button on the top-right of the forum page.

2. Remember that you will not be able to change your nickname again until next month once you changed it successfully.


2010-05-14 16:10:51

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