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Faction Quests Upgrade


Dear TKO players,

Many players reported that just bronze can be disenhanced from grey equipment, they also can get steel, Ebon Iron and so on from other color of equipments. However, there are not corresponding faction quests about this. Hence, we decide to do some fix about this issue. Here comes the good news!
We are glad to let you know we have recently upgraded the faction quests on all severs.

The current faction quests are similar with the previous bronze donation, whcih include still, Ebon Iron, Mithril and Thorium. As we all know, steel can be disenhanced from green equipment, Ebon Iron can be disenhanced from blue equipment, Mithril can be disenhanced from purple equipment and Thorium can be disenhanced from red equipment.

We hope you can enjoy this adjustment and have more fun here! We are always striving to do our best to provide a more enjoyable game experience for you. Your voice is always welcomed by us. Thank you for your warm support! If there is any concerns, please contact our Customer Service at


TKO team


2010-06-22 10:29:00

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