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PDT Time Maintenance

Greetings Warriors of TKO ! Well we need your attention,our game time already in PDT Time so please check it again and all of you can access on all TKO servers!

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2012-03-08 10:28

Maintenance on Thursday

Dear player We are going to performance the temp maintenance to add a new database function to the game. This process lasts approximately an hour from 0:00 to 1:00 PST on Dec.9th and the daily maintenance will not be changed. Additionally, from Dec. 8th 22:01 PST to Dec. 9 2:00 PST, the networking modes of the servers will also be updated. Network services will be completely disrupted for multiple periods of up to 20 minutes each throughout the maintenance. Almost all Games will be affected. You may not be able to use online payment, exchange Kcoins, register, log in the forum or website, play the game and etc.

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2010-12-06 16:56

New Prizes being added to King of the Hill Events!

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2010-08-06 10:54

Fortune Compass Bug fixed

Recently we have received some players’ complaints about the inability to open the treasues in the Fortune Compass. We have looked at the problem seriously and now the bug has been fixed. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this problem and wish you have a great gaming experience with TKO!

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2010-07-26 16:16

Network Maintenance Notice

In order to improve the gaming experience for all players, we have scheduled a server maintenance on U1, S34-S37 at PDT 1:00-3:00 on July 12th.

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2010-08-11 01:23

Forge Workshop Bug Fixed

Recently we have received some players’ complaints about the inability to melt Bronze Fragments in their Forge Workshop after we had upgraded to the new version. We have looked at the problem seriously and fixed the bug immediately.

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2010-07-21 18:07

S22 Downtime Notice

To implement the version upgrades on S22, we are bringing it down from 22:00 July 6th to 01:00 July 7th 2010 (PDT).

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2010-07-06 14:27

Network Maintenance Notice

A network maintenance on S2, S4, S25-S33 from 22:00 July. 4th to 01:00 July

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2010-07-02 17:53

Faction Quests Adjustment

After careful consideration of some players' suggestion and the practical situation, we decide to modify the current Faction Quests. Please note Mithril and Thorium will not be included in the Faction Quests. Steel can be disenhanced from green equipment; Ebon Iron can be disenhanced from blue equipment.

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2010-06-24 15:16

Faction Quests Upgrade

We are glad to let you know we have recently upgraded the faction quests on all severs. Good news! Steel can be disenhanced from green equipment, Ebon Iron can be disenhanced from blue equipment, Mithril can be disenhanced from purple equipment and Thorium can be disenhanced from red equipment.

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2010-06-22 10:29

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