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Customize Your Nickname on Koramgame Forum

As suggested by some players, players will be offered a chance to customize a brand new nickname on Koramgame forum. This new feature will be available on May 14th 01:00 (PDT). If you have any difficult to experience this new feature, please read this following instruction.

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2010-05-14 16:10

Modification of Maintenance Time

Here is a modification of the new maintenance time that announced previously. The new daily server maintenance time will be performed on 14:30-15:00(PDT) from May 4th, 2010 every day.

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2010-04-29 13:21

New Daily Maintenance Time Notice

From Apr.28th 2010, the new daily server maintenance time is scheduled on 14:30-15:00(PDT) every day.

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2010-04-26 09:58

TKO Desktop Free Download

Download TKO desktop for free in our offical forum!

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2010-04-19 13:48

When to come?

If you would like to share us your experience and suggestion for the new version, please make us heard at

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2010-04-14 16:35

Hero Coalition Skills of Normal Hero

The launch probability of normal heroes is higher than the star level 1 Epic Hero Coalitions. With hero coalition skills, your normal hero is not normal anymore!

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2010-04-14 16:16

Hero Coalition Skills of Epic Hero

Are you excited to reproduce the epic myth?When a team of epic heroes is sent, it is likely to launch Hero Coalition Skill. Hero Coalition Skills have effects such as Attack and Defense bonus, kill enemy soldiers.

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2010-04-14 16:15

What’s new? Hero Coalition System

Appoint your Commander, Advisor, Vanguard, and Flank! Sending 5 heroes together to activate Hero Coalition System!

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2010-04-14 15:13

Function Adjustments

New function as Offer sacrifices ,Battle report sharing ,Faction Quest(2nd ed.)and League Renaming as well as Gear dropped by fallen hero and Tower Trial adjustments are updated in the new version

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2010-04-14 13:46

Item Adjustments

Fortify Order and Cultivation Token are added as new items in the new version of TKO.

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2010-04-14 13:38

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