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Server Maintenance Notice

To provide you better game experience, we will be performing server maintenance on S9,S12,S14,S16 and S17 from 01:00 to 02:00 Mar. 24th 2010.

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2010-03-23 17:06

Chat Function Upgrade

Whave recently upgraded the chat function on all servers. Please report to us if there is any continuous disconnection happens after refreshing the screen.

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2010-03-17 17:17

Server Daily Maintenance

To provide you better game experience, our daily server maintenance is performed between 04:00AM-04:30AM (PDT). During the maintenance, TKO access on all servers will not be available.

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2010-03-15 10:27

Server Maitanece Notice

Please note: At 2:00 Mar.14 2010(PST), PST time will change to PDT time, which is one hour later than PST time. Thus, from 1:30 Mar.14th (PST) to 3:30 Mar.14th (PDT), TKO access on all servers will not be available.

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2010-03-12 17:30

S7&S8 Server Maintenance Notice

Server maintenance on S7and S8 between 01:00-02:00 (PST) is scheduled to be performed on March 10th,2010.

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2010-03-08 23:18

Eternal Soul of Warriors, Awaiting Your Summon

You may purchase “Warrior Soul” in the Mall and experience the thrill of fighting side by side of these legendary figures. Once activated, Warrior Soul will give you the epic hero of your choice. It is completely the same with hiring a hero from the Career Center.

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2010-02-04 18:51

League Guide

Detailed guide to in-game League.

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2009-12-18 21:02

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