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King of the Hill Coming Soon

    In the chaotic warring period of Three Kingdoms, there are these strategic locations that all warlords lusted after. These cities may be in crucial geographical location, or produce an overabundant amount of resources, or maybe are key trading centers at their time. One thing for sure, however, warlords will kill for the domination of these cities regardless of the loss.

Now, made available on Three Kingdoms Online, King of the Hill is an ongoing tournament that will try to reflect this historic and military phenomenon. This is where the brave encounter the braver; and the strong compete to see who is the strongest.

The thirteen states will be divided into four regions: East, West, North and South. Each region will have one special city that all players may compete for. In addition, there is one capital city available for players of the entire server.

Players then will compete for the ownership of these special cities, much like the childhood game of King of the Hill. Each player can only bring a limited amount of army and one hero, so make sure that you bring your best.

It might sounds like a crazy, chaotic mosh pit of soldiers and heroes, and that's exactly what it is! But don't worry. Your loss will be recovered! Over 90% of your soldiers that are killed in this event will be returned to you good as new!

No signups are needed. You may participate directly in the King of the Hill tournaments and compete for prizes.

All players that participate in this tournament will be eligible to win something. The players that have possession of the special city will for certain bring a prize home. There are also higher level items available as prize to recognize the exceptional players. Master of Marching is the player who occupies this city for the longest period. Chief Slayer is the player who killed the most of opposing soldiers. And Lord of War is randomly chosen among the players that have had ownership of the city between the 15th minutes to the 30th minutes after the event began.

These honorary winners will bring home special, limited-edition items that cannot be purchased in the Mall or acquired elsewhere. And all participants will be generously rewarded with an abundance of premium items and weapons for their courage and enthusiasm.

As long as you participate in this gathering of the brave and the wise, you will not be disappointed with what you bring home!

2009-12-10 18:19:15

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