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Announcement of Server Merge of S5, S8&S9


Dear TKO Players,

We are pleased to announce the server merge to bring together all of the best on S5, S8 and S9. Due to this, we are bringing all three servers offline at 19:00 June 23rd, 2010(PDT) so that we can begin preparing for this epic chapter in the Three Kingdoms era. After 24 hours, at 19:00 June 24th, 2010(PDT), with all your characters on S5, S8, and S9 transferred, a new server named Ultimate Server 1 will start!

Starting from June 20th, 2010, inactive cities on the above servers will be cleared gradually. During June 20th to June 24th, character creation will be disabled on the S5, S8 and S9. We hope these changes will provide you with an even more enjoyable TKO experience.

Due to the unexpected situation of the process, please pay attention to further official notice about the exact time of U1 starts.

Please note: Entrusted account login will not be considered as real login during the clearing. If you are helping to take care of other account on the above servers, please inform the account owner to login the server to avoid being deleted by the system.



AccountCityQueueRenamingGame  Info.Protection Period

Adjusting PeriordTitle of NobilityAccount EntrustmentImportant Dates


Please read the above rules carefully! TKO is not responsible for any deviation from the above set of rules. After the server merge, please check if you can log into the U1. Additionally, please contact our CS by visiting and filing a detailed support ticket for help if you suffer from any loss in character data.


Best Regards,
TKO Team




On account

1. If you have more than one active characters on above servers under the same Koramgame account, you will access the character selection page to choose which character to play every time when you login the merged server.

2. If you have Gold remaining in more than one characters on above servers under the same Koramgame account, the Gold will be merged shared with all your characters on the merged server. However, the treasury is dependant in different characters.

3. If you are a multi-character player in the merged server, you could bind a default character in the character selection page. All the rewarded items given by the system based on the account will be automatically added in the treasury of the default character.



On city

1. Starting for the central of the map, the spiral arrangement will be conducted for all the cities in the new server according to total rank of the population. Meanwhile, an equal number of Capital Move Token with the number of the cities you own will be given to you. With Capital Move Token, you are able to move to any empty place you like. Please note: Capital Move Token is only allowed in two days after the server merge, otherwise it will disappear automatically. Also, repeated use of Capital Move Token is allowed within these two days.

2. For all the city with Lv. 10 League Flag, the level will be reduced to Lv.9. For compensation, Small Wealth Pack (All) (All resources 10K) will be given for the loss.

3. Fast recruit bonus will not be available for all the occupied County Capitals,State Capitals,Imperial Capital. However, fast recruit bonus will be available in other unoccupied special cities. There special cities will be eliminated if being taken over by other players. The palace in the empire city will be replaced by an Lv.5 Governor’s House. The name of this kind of the cities will be renamed as “New City” which you could change it as you wish. Please also note, for league members, the automatically transferring from attack to support will not be available.

4. Simply by Logging in the newly merged server within two days after opening, all the cities will get a full Max-out of all resources.

5. The compensation for the replacement of the palace in the empire city is as follows:



On Queue

1. During the processing of server merge (19:00 PDT June 23rd-19:00 PDT 24th, 2010), all the troops will be automatically sent back to the original city. However, the recruitment, researching and building queue will be on the rails. If the Auto Deploy function is on, all new the soldiers will stay in the recruiting city instead of the target city.

2. Upon the completion of the server merge, all the troops will return automatically to the original city, regardless of the mode.


On Renaming

1. If there are characters of the same name, system will change the names to the original name + number. Within the 2 days after the new server opens, lord renaming function will be opened. Players could rename the character in Account Config panel. First come, first served.

2. If there league of the same name, system will change the names to the original name + number. Within the 2 days after the new server opens, league renaming function will be opened. League leader could rename the league in league Config panel.


Game Info.

1. All the rankings of the new server will be refreshed accordingly.

2. All the messages, history and battle reports on the previous server will not be preserved.



Protection Period

1. June 24th 19:01-June 26th, 2010 19:00 (PDT) will be the protection period for the new server. Players are able to move the cities on the map.

2. No war related function is available including destroy/plunder, support, scout open a new city, transport, trade and give up oasis.

3. The limit of Continuous use of Capital Move Token, State Token will be canceled within these two days. The other conditions are normal, which is to say, players could move as they want, however, no war-related function is activated within 24hrs after the latest movement.

4. During this Protection Period, no soldiers will be dead.

5. During this Protection Period, lord renaming and league renaming is available without any limit of the times. However, lord renaming and league renaming will be no more available when the PP ends.



Adjusting Period

1. June 26th 19:01- June 29th, 2010 19:00 (PDT) will be the adjusting period of the new server.

2. During the Adjusting Period, no soldiers will be dead due to lack of food. All the other functions go back to normal.

3. After the Adjusting Period ends, the game goes back to normal.



Title of nobility

1. New County Capitals, State Capitals, Imperial Capital will be generated on the newly merged server randomly.

2. All players are eligible to fight for the title of Emperor, Grand Minister, Lord of Wei, Lord of Shu and Lord of Wu according to the game rules.

3. The Judging of new Lord of Qin will be conducted according to the game rules.



Account Entrustment

1. All the account-entrusted setting will be removed. Please reset if there’s any need.

2. All the league-entrusted setting will be removed and the password will be expired. Please reset if there’s any need.


* Important Dates

June 23rd 2010 19:00(PDT) -- S5, S8 and S9 are closed.
June 24th 2010 19:00(PDT) -- U1 will be available.
Protection period: June 24th 19:01-June 26th, 2010 19:00 (PDT)
Adjusting period: June 26th 19:01- June 29th, 2010 19:00 (PDT)







2010-06-18 16:53:47

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