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TKO Version Upgrades

Dear players,

We are happy to announce the arrival of the new version of TKO! It brings not only many new features and items but also enhancements of current features and items. We would like to thank everyone who supported us and sent their suggestions for all these months.

In this new version, you will experience the spectacular Stronghold Challenge as a league to fight for the glory of brotherhood and justice! Also, you could upgrade and regenerate your skill books to make the right one all by yourselves! Plus, simply by completing the new main task called Hero's Summit, you will be rewarded epic heroes!

There are more free items and better game experience in the latest version! Scroll down this page to get an impression of all additions and changes!

Please note: S34 is coming with the latest version on 19:00 July 6th 2010(PDT). Plus, there would be a downtime for S22 to be upgraded to the new version between 22:00 July 6th and 01:00 July 7th 2010 (PDT). The overall version upgrades will be announced later,  please pay further attention to our official website. Thanks.

What's new in our latest version?

Items Adjustments | Function Adjustments | Stronghold Challenge

Faction Quest (3rd ed.) | Skill Book Upgrades | Skill Book Regeneration | Free Epic Heroes

Items Adjustments

1 Emperor’s Order Upgrades

As a plus, Auto Deploy will be added to Emperor’s Order
Auto Deploy will no longer be a single item. (Players who have used Auto Deploy could continue to use)

Item Details:

Auto Deploy (7 Days)

"Your subordinates will do their best to finish the military tasks assigned to them."

"Your newly recruited army will be automatically transported to other cities secretly. (Last for 7 days.)"


2 More events for free items drop out are added



Functions Adjustments

Offer Sacrifices Adjustment

The first three chances to offer sacrifices on a day will be free.
There will be 10 times as maximum limit per day. The maximum of bonus could be 25%

Reforging Adjustment
The cost of reforging items is reduced.


Stronghold Challenge

1. As a group behavior of PVP, Stronghold Challenge happens in the fixed time when two leagues seize the strongholds. The procedures are as follows.

•league apply to challenge strongholds
•league can win the bid for the right to challenge via using Tiger Tokens
•Both attacking and defending sides respectively dispatch troops to attack camp and defense camp  
•The battle will occur in two rounds: Challenge Side (attacker) vs. Occupying Side (defender), Challenge Side (defender) vs. Occupying Side (attacker). Both sides will receive a score.
•The league with highest aggregate score will win victory and occupy the strongholds
•The winning league members will be rewarded with the resources and items

For more guide on Stronghold Challenge , please check out



Faction Quest (3rd Edition)

Reward and refreshing of Faction Quest is modified. Reputation reward is also adjusted.
Faction task will include all factions instead of certain faction.
After completing 20 faction tasks, resource and reputation as rewards will be decreased.
Only 2 Arrows per day could be gained from Faction task. That is to say, after you get the second Arrow through faction quest, all the other rewards as reputation, hero EXP and resources will remain the same. However, there will be no more Arrows.


Skill Book Upgrades

1. Both single skill book and double skill book could be upgraded.
2. Bounded and unbounded skill books could be upgraded and regenerated. Also they could be used as Target Book or Sacrificial Book.
3. When upgrading the single skill books as Target Book, in most cases, you will get another new single skill book, the percentage of gaining a new double skill book is very rare.
4. When upgrading the double skill books as Target Book, you will get another new double skill book.
5. Upgrade requires Target Book and Sacrificial Books. Most of the skills can be used as Target Book(excluding March、Boost、Fortune、Long Riding、Sprint、Charge etc. ) or Sacrificial Book.
6. For each upgrade, one Target Book (the one that will be upgraded) and two Sacrificial Books (the ones that of the same level and regardless of the specific skill) are required. All the Sacrificial Books will disappear regardless of the result of the upgrade.
7. There is certain probability of failure, Basic Tutorage Token and Advanced Tutorage Token can be used to reduce the probability of failure.
8. Sacrificial Token can be used when there are not enough skill books. It can be acquired through drop out or purchase.

For more guide on Skill Book Upgrades, please check out


Skill Book Regeneration

1 With the newly upgraded system, skill books could be regenerated to new skill books with the random skill.
2 For regeneration, two Sacrificial Books are required, of which one Regeneration Token could be used as a substitute. Regeneration Token could be found in Mall.
3 Skill Book Regeneration will be successful and a new skill book will be regenerated as the result. .
4 Two Sacrificial Books for regeneration needed to be of the same level and type (single skill book or double skill book only).
5 Skill books regenerated from two single skill books are of the same level single skill
6 Skill books regenerated from two double skill books are the same level double skills.
7 The level of the skills in the skill books instead of the level of the skill books will be the factor accounted during regeneration.
8 A single skill book of the same level will be regenerated if a single and a double skill book are used.
9 Skill Books of GradeⅩ Ⅺ cannot be used to regenerate temporarily,
10 Skill books consist March and boost could be acquired from both upgrade and regeneration.
11 The ratio of skill appears differently during regeneration.

For more guide on Skill Book Regeneration, please check out


New Main Task for Free Epic Heroes

Hero's Summit Added as New Main Task

Complete Hero's Summit task to gain  randomly selected Epic Heroes.

As the task goes, you will obtain the Superior Epic Hero according to the kingdom you are playing. For example, if you are playing Shu, Guan Yu will be rewarded to you for the completion of the task.

The free Epic Heroes will be of Lv.1 and don’t forget when at Lv. 50, epic heroes who practice any skill they knew in their past life can have an epiphany. An epiphany causes the skill to leap to its former high level after the hero practices it to half of this original skill.

Treasure Bolus, Purple Bolus, Blue and Purple equipment could be gained from Hero's Summit task.





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