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Indonesian Dynasty Saga


Hail Indonesian warriors!

Dynasty Saga, the best strategy webgame of 2011 will come in Indonesian ! Dynasty Saga is the newest webgame in the Three Kingdoms series. It's an innovative fusion of conventional city-building strategy games and story-telling RPG adventures. You no longer need to toil tirelessly for resources or wait endlessly to recruit your army. Dynasty Saga is all action! By utilizing gambits, tactics, formations and your military ingenuity, you can defeat players of all levels and experience! Create your legacy, decide the fate of a dynasty!

We have pleasure to announce that The Open Beta version (official version) will be launched at 31st Aug. 2011.
72 Unit Types,8 Battle Formations and innovative Strategic RPG Gameplay. Play now and create your legacy!

What are you waiting for ? Join now !


Indonesian Dynasty Saga Team

2011-08-29 14:28:56

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