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Three Kingdoms Online - Best Browser Game of 2009! on Facebook
The highly anticipated MMO-SLG game based on ancient Chinese history, Three Kingdoms Online, is releasing its English version on the 3rd of December. Deeply rooted in  ancient Chinese culture and history, Three Kingdoms Online unfolds an epic warring era between different kingdoms of a divided China. It borrows from elements of RPG, strategy and management games and combines into a browser game with high quality graphics. The game offers an unique experience never found before in a browser game.


Three Kingdoms Online was first released in China, causing sensational popularity almost immediately upon release. Currently the game has about 30 million registered users. The game is an overall success in China, due to its supreme quality and innovative creativity. It won the ChinaJoy "Best Browser Game" award in 2008 and 2009. TKO also has released in the Japanese and Vietnamese market, and received very positive feedbacks from critics and players alike.


The team has spent months in modifying the existing TKO to cater to the English-speaking gamers. This include a lengthy and painful process of redesigning the User Interface, rebuilding some of the game's features and functions, and trying their best to retain the rich Chinese heritage of the game through the translation process. is trying to do more than just producing a game. With the release of TKO, the team is trying to present a fascinating and mesmerizing section of Chinese ancient history and culture to its international gaming community.



About has emerged as a prominent leader in the Chinese web game industry. The company has developed a number of outstanding, award-winning Chinese browser-based games. The company now is ready to present their work to the international community. Three Kingdoms Online will be the first of many unique gaming experiences the team hopes to offer.

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