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Three Kingdoms Online - Best Browser Game of 2009! on Facebook

Time:  Dec 18th 12:00AM  to Dec 24th 11:59PM (PST)

Event detail:

A big part of being an ancient Chinese warlord is nobility. Different noble titles signify power, superiority, dignity and wealth. In the game, higher noble ranking can benefit a player in military and economy. Acquire the title that is suited for your noble presence!

During this event, Each Tribute Token will contribute 158 Contribute Value instead of the standard 140. You can also win a limited-version special item for your hero if you reach a new nobility level during this time.


The following items are rewarded when you reach the responsive nobility rankings:

Marquis --> Superior Sword of Stars

Count --> Superior Laotzu

Duke --> Superior Philosophers of Huai-nan

Infante --> Superior Six Strategic

Lord --> Superior Sword of Heaven

Generalissimo --> Superior Welfare of the People and Superior Tales of Mountain and Sea


This event is scheduled to end on Dec 24th 11:59PM.

Please check the following day for your reward.


Note: A standard Tribute Token yield 140 points of Contribution Value. During this event the value will increase to 158 per Tribute Token, and after this event the effect of Tribute Token returns to normal.

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