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Requirement: Leagues founded 72 hours or above


The player’s main city’s resource output per hour multiplies the number of days his league occupying the stronghold. The maximum number is 9 days. The rewards also vary according to the size of the strongholds.

All participants of the battle will receive one random kind of resource automatically.



Stronghold Challenge is a group battle happens in a specific time span. Two leagues of players are fighting with each other to get the control of a stronghold.



1. First of all, the league leader needs at least 20 Tiger Tokens  to sign up for the Stronghold Challenge Event on behalf of his league. All the members of the league can donate Tiger Tokens to the league.

2. The signing time is from 14:00 to 19:59 each day. The league leaders can decide which strongholds they want to challenge.


3. After the sign up, all the league leaders who want to challenge the same Stronghold need to bid for the right with Tiger Tokens. The bidding time is from 20:00 to 20:59 each day. The league with the most Tiger Tokens will get the right.

4. All the other challenging leagues, which do not get the challenging right, will get their Tiger Tokens back. (If the Stronghold doesn’t have a defender, the league with the most Tiger Tokens will be the defender and the League with the second most Tiger Tokens will be the challenger).


5. After the Challenging right being confirmed, both leagues can start to deploy their troops. The deployment time is from that day 21:00 to 13:29 the following day. Troops deployed to a stronghold will arrive immediately. One player can deploy multiple troops to the camp he is belonging to.

6. The battle will start on the second day at 13:30 and end at 14:00. The battle will occur in two rounds: Challenge Side (attacker) vs. Occupying Side (defender), Challenge Side (defender vs. Occupying Side (attacker).  For each round the winning league will get one point. The camp with the two points will be announced the winner of the battle. If the battle is a draw, the league occupying the stronghold will be the winner.


7. After the battle, 60% of each side’s lost army will be revived and given directly back to the city of origin. The winning side will have their remaining army garrisoned in the stronghold, the losing side’s troops will be sent back to the city of origin immediately.



1.      Players from the winning side can claim the reward from that day 14:00 to 13:30 the following day.

2.      The battle can only occur

for small stronghold troops consumption 2000

for mid-size stronghold troops consumption 4000

for large-scale stronghold troops consumption 8000

for outsized stronghold troops consumption 15000

3.      The outsized stronghold winners will get its main city’s resource output per hour. The large-scale stronghold winners will get 3 times of its main city’s resource output per hour. The mid-size stronghold winners will get 2 times of its main city’s resource output per hour. The small stronghold winners will get 1 time of its main city’s resource output per hour.

4.      For more information, please read the event Help on the event page.

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