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Reward: Top 5 Servers' Consumption

Dear Lord,
The event for “Fabulous Rewards for Top 5 Servers' Consumption” is end and we would like to announce the top 5 severs!

Top 1 server: S72 Yellow Turbans

All players from S72 will get:

Cornucopia (All) x 1
Jade Globes X 4000
Styrax Bolus X 1
Veteran Long Bow+7 X 1


Top 2 server: S71 Resurrection of Dragon
Top 3 server: S51 Imperial Glory

All players from S71 and S51 will get:

Cornucopias (food) x 1
Jade Globes X 3000
Purple Bolus x 1
Rocky Double Spear+5 X 1


Top 4 server: U13 Land of Legends
Top 5 server: U22 Ultimate Server 22

All players from U13 and U22 will get:

Jade Globes X 3000
Draft Order X 1
Treasured Bolus  X 1
Crescent Double Halberd+4

How to claim the rewards?
If you are belonging to those servers, please do login the game on 21th Mar, you will get the rewards on your first login. If you can’t get it in time, please clear cookies and relogin!!

If you come from S51, please try to claim your rewards before the server merge. (18:00 Mar. 21th)

Congratulations to all of you!

>>>> FORUM LINK <<<<

TKO Team

2012-03-21 16:28:57

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