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New General: R3V3N63

Dear friends,

R3V3N63 is a good friend of us and also he is a remarkable person in real life, he impresses us so much! We’ll always miss him! There is new general and whose name is R3V3N63, just want to say we miss you always, rest in peace, our brother!


Status as Level 100

How to get this general?
Once you use one tribute token, you will get the great general R3V3N63.
You can get some free tribute tokens during the event time via login.

Event time:
From now on ~ 23:59 May 14
All servers

1. You can get 5 tribute tokens via login from now on to may 14.
2. Everyone just can get the general once. The general which you get from the event is level one.
3. Once you use a tribute token, you will get the general in the morning of the next day.

TKO Team

2012-05-11 17:10:34

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