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Happy children’s Day!

Event duration: 00:00 June 1 ~ 23:59 June 3 (Server time)
Scope: All servers

I don’t wanna grow up, because i will feel much lonely when I get older. I don’t wanna grow up, because i will feel sorrow sometimes, I don’t wanna grow up, because I miss the colorful candy and little red flower all the time…

Everyone has a childhood, no matter what it likes; it will be a nice memory in our life. Tko is a place which can recall your memory of childhood, let’s celebrate this party together, no matter how old you are!

If you continuously login the game for 3 days, you will get a candy pack at the end of the event.

Note: You should login the game every day during the event period.

Succeed in scouting different cities 6 times or above in a day will be rewarded one little red flower pack per day.

Note: You should finish 6 scouts in different cities in a day.



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TKO Team

2012-05-31 17:46:55

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