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S75 Huye Chanyu will be Launched on June 10:

Muster Troops, the more the better! Those barbarian warriors might not attract much attention, but each of them is possessed of singular powers, able to take down whole hordes with a single blow.

Do you still remember our great general R3V3N63, we know many friends want to start from new server with him, and then we bring it back in S75 too.

Once you joine S75, you will get Huye chanyu (Level 1) and R3V3N63 (Level 1) for free. A lord with your intelligence surely won't miss them!

How to get this general?
Once you use at least one tribute token, you will get the great general Huye Chanyu and R3V3N63.
You can get some free tribute tokens during the event time via login.

Event time:
19:00 June 10 ~ 23:59 June 13

1. You can get 5 tribute tokens each day during the event time. You need to use at least one tribute token, and then you will get those fabulous generals in next day morning.
2. Everyone just can get the general once. The general which you get from the event is level one.

TKO Team

2012-06-06 17:29:00

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