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TKO New Version 3.0.0 Preview I: The Campaign System

The battle campaign is a newly added dungeon system. In the battle system, players can either player in single mode or team up with friends to fight together. Players must eliminate all enemies in order to complete the campaign. The battle campaign mainly divided into four parts: To assemble and deploy troops, create / join battle, execution of battle configuration and rewards from the battle.

I. Assemble and deploy (click on the main interface on the left navigation bar “battle campaign” and click “deploy”)

Before entering the battle, players need to assemble some troops and hero to assemble points.

1.1   Players can assemble troops from Garrison or from city.
1.2   Assemble troops from Garrison will reach assemble points immediately whereas deploy troops from city will need 3 hour.
1.3   When stationed at assemble points, the troops will not consume any food.
1.4   These troops will not able to deploy: Pioneer, Lobbyist, Battering ram and Demolisher.
1.5   Players can deploy hero together.
1.6   During stationed time, Players can recall their troops at any point of time. The recall will take 20 hours.
1.7   Players can stationed their troops for up to 3 days. After the 3rd day, system will auto withdraw all idle troops. For troops that involve in combat will only withdrawn after the end of battle.
1.8   The assemble points can only store up to a maximum of 5000 troops in term of population.

II. Create & Join battle

1. Players can see introduction of each battle after enter the page (as shown in the picture)

1.1 Players can choose to view the list of battle which shown on the top left.
1.2 The upper right show the detail of battle:
① The best record
② Personal record
③ Reward

Players can also create their own battle. However at the same time, player can only create or participate in a battle.

2.1. The list of battle shown at the left side.

2.2. The right side contain detail information:
Number of participants.
Troops limit
*  Pre- requisite battle
The number of remaining challenges for the player
The number of remaining challenges for the server

3. Rules

3.1. The number of battle that a player can challenge and each interval for each challenge is different.
3.1.1. Personal battle:
①Player can challenge same battle up to 3 times for each day.
②Each interval is an hour.

3.1.2. Multiplayer battle:
①The challenge will reset every 10:00, 13:00  and 21:00 server time.
②Each period of time can challenge up to 10 times.
③Interval of 15 minutes for each challenge.

3.2. Player who create the battle able to start the fight within 10 minutes. The battle will automatically turn off after 10 minutes.

3.3. Player that creates the battle can dismiss it.

III. Execution of battle configuration

1. Player need to deploy troops in order to participate in the battle.

1.1. Click “area 1” to deploy troops.
1.2. Click “area 2” after completing deployment.  
1.3. After establishment, click “area 3” to enter the battle or pending page.

2. In combat, enemy force shown as blue and own force shown as red.

3. Players can use the above command by clicking on any icon.

3.1. After defeating the target, the troops will have a rest time.

4. The battle will automatically shutdown if player not able to complete in an hour.

5. The loss of troops will be returned (or partially) after the end of battle.  

5.1. Single player battle: 100% return.
5.2. Multi player battle: 80% return.

IV: Campaign and Rewards:

1. The system will record player total rest time and rewards will be calculated base on it.

2. The player will win when all enemies has been successfully eliminated.

3. Types of reward will be determine based on total rest time:
3.1. First grade reward will be given to the player who achieve the best record  
3.2. The reward will be downgraded if completion time exceeds the best current record.
3.3. No reward will be given if exceeded the allotted time.

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TKO Team

2012-07-12 09:37:13

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