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TKO Upgrade Preview II : Enhancement Improvements

There are two features that have been implanted regarding enhancement of equipment. Equipment degradation prevention and Enhance equipment ticket has been made possible!

Equipment degradation prevention refers to the option of not allowing the item to be downgraded when enhancing fails. Enhance equipment ticket is a magic item which you can use it to upgrade your weapon to the appointed level and without using enhanced steel. This item is only available during events.

I: Prevent degradation

Feature introduction

When you activate the function of prevent degradation, no matter whether your enhancement fails or succeed during enhancement, your weapon will not be downgraded.

Gold consumption

1. You need to spend gold to activate this function.
2. No matter whether the enhancement fails or succeed during enhancement, gold will be deducted if the function is activated.

Interface adjustment
1. An option “Prevent Degradation” has been added.
2. When you choose this option, the interface will display the amount of much gold to be deducted.

II: Enhance equipment ticket

Feature introduction
1. You cannot use this enhance ticket via treasury directly. You should use it via opening the enhance interface.
2. The enhance success rate is 100%.
3. Once you use the ticket, you have no need to use enhanced steel and the prevent degradation function.
4. If the level of the ticket is equal or lower than your weapon, you cannot use the ticket.
5. You can only use the enhance ticket for upgrading weapons.


2012-07-12 15:18:12

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