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The Secret of Auctions

Event time: 00:00 July 17 ~ 22:00 July 20 (Server time)
Scope: All servers
Some hot items will appear in the event page during the event time, when you open it, you can find it and bid for your favorite one, the player who offer the highest price will get the item at the end of the auction.

Event rules:

1. Each item will have reserve price, your bid shall not lower be less than the reserve price.

2. System will set security deposit for each item before you start bid. If your gold balance is lower than security deposit, you can’t bid for the item. When you start to bid, you need to check your gold balance; the highest bid that you can perform is two times of gold balance in your account. E.g., there is 1000 gold in your account, when you bid for an item, the highest bid for you is 2000 gold. If you want to bid for a higher price, you need to add more gold.

3. You can only bid up to 20 times for an item in a day, system will deduct 5 gold for each bid. If you bid for 20 times, then the system will deduct 100 gold in total.

4. When you bid for the item successfully, the corresponding security deposit for the item will be deducted automatically and be kept by the system. When you bid for the item successfully at the end of the auction, you will get the items and security deposit. At the same time, please make sure the gold in your treasure can afford for the item which you have bade successfully, or you will lose the qualification to buy the items and security deposit will not returned to you and the system will keep the item. If you failed to bid for the item, the security deposit will refund to you one hour later after the event.

5. You can’t bid again at the end of the auction, the player who has bidden successful will receive an in-game message, the item and security deposit will be distributed to you at the end of the auctions, the gold for the item will be deducted too.

6. You can check the top 10 player’s bid for an item via clicking “Ranking” all times. You can bid for all items in auction period, and the security deposit for each item will be deducted too.

Please pay more attention about your gold balance when you try to bid for couple of items in a time, you need to have enough security deposit for that and you also need enough gold to afford the items when you bid successfully.

All generals for the bid event are level one.

Level 100:

1. All auction items are unbound and can be presented. (Except for generals)
2. System will deduct the gold based on the time which you bid for the item.
3. The setting of security deposit is to avoid malicious offers, which affect others in joining the event. In order to ensure fair and equitable of the event, if you can’t afford the item at the end of the auction, the security deposit will not be returned and thus forfeited.
4. Once system deduct the security deposit for the item, if you want to bid again, the system will check your gold balance again and make sure whether you can bid again.
5. Every bid will cost you 5 gold as handling fee, if your gold balance is not enough for 5 gold, you will not be able to bid again.
6. You need to refresh the event page once you stay here more than one minute. In order to make sure you can bid the items successfully, please pay more attention about the latest bid for the item, as there are many players participate the event.


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TKO Team

2012-07-16 18:13:34

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