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We are glad to announce that we will start our TKO new version 3.0 soon! And congratulation for all players from S76 and U17!

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2012-07-16 18:16

The Secret of Auctions!

Some hot items will appear in the event page during the event time, when you open it, you can find it and bid for your favorite one, the player who offer the highest price will get the item at the end of the auction.

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2012-07-16 18:13

TKO Upgrade Preview II : Enhancement Improvements

There are two features that have been implanted regarding enhancement of equipment. Equipment degradation prevention and Enhance equipment ticket has been made possible!

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2012-07-12 15:18

TKO New Version 3.0.0 Preview I: The Campaign System

The battle campaign is a newly added dungeon system. In the battle system, players can either player in single mode or team up with friends to fight together. Players must eliminate all enemies in order to complete the campaign.

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2012-07-12 09:37

Big Bang Brothers on the Way!

The frenzy of group buy is launching now! With more favorable product, and with more substantial discount! Also, new item has introduced! All are in this Group Buy event! Opportunity Does not come easy! Discount in the range of 40% to 80%!

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2012-07-09 11:43

Play the Puzzle Game and Win Fabulous Prizes!!

During the event, you can choose any of the upper four pictures to play this puzzle game. After you complete the puzzle, you will get a Lukcy gift pack and you can exchange it for the reward items in the game. We will pick 10 lucky players from all participants in the end of the game, and they will receive the Top prize!

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2012-07-06 18:41

S76 Tuo Xie will be Launched on July 8

S76 Tuo Xie will be launched on July 8 19:00 (Server Time), we have prepared many nice events to celebrate it, why not join us together! TKO new version 3.0 might be updated in S76 first. If you join new server S76, you may experience new version soon!!

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2012-07-04 15:42

Server Merger Event for U31

Three new TKO servers have been brought to you! U31 will be available soon. Players can experience more fun in the new servers. Good luck to all the warriors! We have prepared some nice events to celebrate the excellent moment!

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2012-06-28 15:31

Anniversary celebration for three kingdoms online III

Another happines during TKO celebration!! Dont miss your chance in this this Part 3!! If you accumulatively add 10000 gold or above during the event, you will get new multiserver general Cao Jie and one exclusive multiserver equipment Trigram Fearless Fan.

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2012-06-27 18:29

1 Gold for 10 Jade Globes

If you spend gold in the game, you will get the Jade Globe as the extra reward. 1 Gold for 10 Jade Globes. Up to 3000 Jade Globes could be obtained every day.

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2012-06-26 14:08

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