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Uncover the Earth Seal, Max the Food Production

Earth Seal is a precious item that can change your 15-Farmland city to 18-Farmland city. You can max your food production and raise the largest amount of soldiers.By Sep 13th 24:00 2010 (PDT),if you have enough epic heroes, you will receive splendid gifts, including the exremely precious Earth Seal

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2010-09-09 18:39

Chinese Valentine's Day Event

Chinese Valentine's Day Event

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2010-08-13 16:43

Celebrate the Chinese Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, the annual tribute to romantic love, is fast approaching. Florists, card shops, and chocolate vendors are all doing a raging business as lovers rush to purchase tokens of their affection.

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2010-08-11 22:10

Three Kingdoms Online Coming Soon

The highly anticipated MMO-SLG game based on ancient Chinese history, Three Kingdoms Online, is releasing its English version on the 4th of December. Deeply rooted in ancient Chinese culture and history, Three Kingdoms Online unfolds an epic warring era between different kingdoms of a divided China.

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2009-11-25 14:48

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