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Anniversary celebration for three kingdoms online

The annual dragon boat festival is approaching and three kingdoms online has accompanied with us for three years unwittingly. We know what Gratefulness is, we know what inclusion is and we know what team spirit is! Happy birthday to three kingdoms online! We have prepared some special for all players in order to express our sincere thanks!

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2012-06-19 16:18

Free Generals for S75 Huye Chanyu!

Once you joine S75, you will get Huye chanyu (Level 1) and R3V3N63 (Level 1) for free. A lord with your intelligence surely won't miss them!

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2012-06-06 17:29

Rare and Hot Items on Sale!!

There are series rare items will available during the event time, grab them before it's too late! Send your army for training at least 6 times to win 300 training points per day. You can get 1500 training points in total.

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2012-06-06 16:21

Happy children’s Day!

I don’t wanna grow up, because i will feel much lonely when I get older. I don’t wanna grow up, because i will feel sorrow sometimes, I don’t wanna grow up, because I miss the colorful candy and little red flower all the time… Everyone has a childhood, no matter what it likes; it will be a nice memory in our life. Tko is a place which can recall your memory of childhood, let’s celebrate this party together, no matter how old you are!

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2012-05-31 17:46

Looking for the Most Beautiful Smile!

It’s your support and understanding to make TKO more animate! Your smile gives us more confidence and inspiration! We decide to look for the most beautiful smile, you are just the one we are looking for!

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2012-05-29 18:16

Nice rewards for Top Attack and Defend!

You can find the button of "ranking" which shows the conditions of players at the top right corner of the game interface. At the end of the event, the Top 10 players with attack score and defend score will be rewarded many nice items.

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2012-05-29 18:10

Exclusive Multiserver General is Available!

At the end of the event, player will be rewarded with relevant item(s) if he or she recruited specify number of Epic General. Also, you will be rewarded with your dream and exclusive items when you recruited sufficient number of Epic General. If you have had the sufficient number of epic generals already, you can get the rewards too.

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2012-05-24 16:15

Server Merger Event for U28, U29 and U30

Three new TKO servers have been brought to you! U28, U29 and U30 will be available soon. Players can experience more fun in the new servers. Good luck to all the warriors! We have prepared some nice events to celebrate the excellent moment!

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2012-05-24 10:32

Return of Magic Earth Seal!

Three kingdoms are never fading and numerous sages wandering here to join the Heroes’ Feast and server their master. You can recruit those fabulous generals in Career center during the event time, furthermore, when you own those generals, you can join the famous city event and win many nice rewards finally!

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2012-05-15 18:20

New General: R3V3N63

R3V3N63 is a good friend of us and also he is a remarkable person in real life, he impresses us so much! We’ll always miss him! There is new general and whose name is R3V3N63, just want to say we miss you always, rest in peace, our brother!

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2012-05-11 17:10

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