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TKO U28, U29 & U30 Server Merge Announcement

Dear TKO Lords, We are going to bring a server merge onS54, S57, S58, S55, S56, S59, U15, U16 so as to provide a better game playing environment for our beloved players. Due to this, we are bringing those servers offline from 19:00 May 23 to 19:00 May 24 (Server time) and starting the server merge. After the merge, the brand new servers Ultimate Server 28, Ultimate Server 29 and Ultimate Server 30 will be available. We hope that the new servers will provide you with an even more enjoyable TKO experience.

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2012-05-10 17:53

Return of Warlord!

The exciting new server S74 avengers will be launched at 19:00 May 13, welcome all of veterans to join us! A nice event has been prepared just for you! If you quailed for the following rules, you will get Ancient Alchemy Scroll X 1 for free.

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2012-05-10 17:49

New server S74 The Avengers

New server S74 The Avengers will be launched on May 13th 19:00 (Server Time), the Exclusive Skillbook which owns three skills and special multiserver general will be available here, are you ready for it?

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2012-05-09 17:03

Big Bang Brothers on the Way!

Teriffic Items for Adding Gold Event Duration: 00:00 May 3 ~ 23:59 May 6, 2012 (Server time) Server: All servers Details: You will get many fabulous items when you add appointed gold during the event time.

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2012-05-02 17:43

Regenerate your skillbook on Labour Day!

Advanced Regeneration Token is the necessary items for generating of level VII and VIII skill book.

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2012-04-27 15:09

Fabulous Gifts for Spending Gold in Multiserver!!

During the event time, when you Spend Gold, you will get the appointed nice gifts in the next day!

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2012-04-26 17:37

3rd Multiserver Battle: Who will gain supremacy!

The third round of multi server battle will kick off soon, the battle horn has been blown and everyone are preparing for the battle. Let us see who shall be the winner for the third multiserver battle! We have prepared the following events to specially assist you!

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2012-04-13 17:29

The third Round of Multiserver Battle will Enroll on 19th April 2012

This is definitely great news for all of you, because the third multiserver battle will enroll on 19th April (Server time).We can image how fierce the war, but the real warrior will never be afraid. Let's do it!!!

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2012-04-11 14:57

Try Your Luck, Smash Easter Eggs to Win!

Easter day is approaching, what an exciting day! TKO would like to thank you for your continuous support and we have prepared the special event for you!

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2012-04-06 17:05

Invite Your Friends to Play TKO!!

During the event, you will receive gifts when you recommend your friends to play Three Kingdoms Online. Not only new players who play Three Kingdoms Online will receive newbie pack, but the player who recommended will also get rewards.

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2012-04-06 11:20

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