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Function Adjustments


Offer good deeds in return for a greater gain!  Try  Offer sacrifices 

What is the true joy of the joys? Battle report sharing 

Wanna try something new? League Renaming


Will you be reliefed? Gear dropped by fallen hero 

Mastery comes from training. Tower of Trials 

More challenges to go! Faction Quest (2nd ed.)

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Offer sacrifices 

After this function has been used, one of the current city's resource output levels will increase anywhere from 1-25% (will stack with other effects). Received bonuses may only be used on the current City (Imperial Capitals, State Capitals and County Capitals cannot use said bonuses). Every function will last for 72 hours and will cover any overlapping effective periods.

Battle report sharing

1. A drop-down box is added in the top right corner of a battle report. Click on the drop-down box to select the channel in which you would like to share your battle report, for example, League Channel, Private Channel and World Channel.

2. The battle report will be named “[Offensive City Name] attacks [Defensive City Name]”
3. The battle report won’t be published until you confirm in the pop-up window.

4. If you choose to share in the private channel, the report will only be shared with the player in your private channel.
5. Other players will have to click on the link to view your report, which will not be saved as a file.
6. Animation of the report will also be displayed to the others.
7. All the other players in the same channel are able to check the shared battle report.

League Renaming

1. The union leader can rename the league; however, you need to wait for 30 days if you want to change it again.
2. Only the leader is able to find the [Rename League] button on the league screen.
3. Click this button to find the history of the league name used, current name, new name, and the instructions.
4. League members can find the information in the league screen,
5. The league renaming history is public to all the players but cannot be changed.
6. Players can only view latest renaming history of other leagues.
7. If the renaming submission fails, another submission is allowed, however, another submission has to be after 30 days of a successful renaming.
8. All the league members will be notified by in-game messages automatically about league renaming.
9. League structure and members will not be changed.
10. League renaming is not applicable during the application phase of league relocation.

Tower of Trials

1. There will be three Tower of Trials: Levels 1, 2 and 3. The Tower Level 1 is for Lv. 1-30 heroes, Tower Level 2 is for Lv.31-60 heroes and Tower Level 3 is for Lv.61-100 heroes.
2. The fee for sending your heroes to the Tower Trial will be reduced. At the same time the possibility for you to get more items is increased. You are likely to receive Enhanced Steel( Lv.1), Attack Token and Defense Token in the Vantage Tower, Enhanced Steel( Lv.1), Enhanced Steel( Lv.2), Attack Token and Defense Token in the Advanced Tower. Also, you have a chance to win Recreating Bolus in both the Vantage and the Advanced Towers.




Faction Quest (2nd ed.)

1. More faction quest types have been added to make the game quest more challenging.
2. The number of task force tasks has increased.
3. To make full use of ore, new faction quests have been added to increase the consumption of ore.
4. It is more likely to get a 6 hrs. soul of hero when completing the function quest as reward.

Gear dropped by fallen hero

There is always the possibility that gear will be dropped when the Commander escapes (needed to be called back from the Career Center) or heavily wounded (Stamina 1 after war). However, no gear will be dropped from the heroes in other positions. Generally speaking, heroes other than a commander in a war will not escape regardless of the result, except for certain cases. Furthermore, blue, purple, red gear and gear of any color which is better than +6 will not be dropped during the war.


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