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Hero Coalition System

Appointed your Commander, Advisor, Vanguard, and Flank! Sending 5 heroes together to activate Hero Coalition System which will maximize your Military Effect Bonus! ! Find more about Hero Coalition Skills of Epic Hero  and Hero Coalition Skills of Normal Hero .

1. 1 to 5 heroes can be appointed to be deployed together (one battle). However, when the target is State Capital, County Capital, Imperial Capital, or a City participating in Nation War or State War, only one hero will be deployed.

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2. Heroes can be appointed as Commander, Advisor, Vanguard, and Flank. Different positions will play different roles in the war.

3. Players can also use "Automatically Appoint" button to choose the suitable hero serving in different positions, which greatly reduces the operation of the player.

4. The heroes of various posts and their roles in battle:


Commander must be appointed. Commander’s official purpose is to decide on the deployment of additional offensive and defensive forces, the strength of his leadership will decide defensive force when defending, and attack force when attacking. When there is no Advisor and Vanguard, the Commander will serve as Advisor and Vanguard. Insight and Recognition can only be launched by Commander in this team.


The Intellect of the Advisor will determine the probability of success with the scroll. When there is more than one hero carrying scroll, the system will randomly select one.


Vanguard will take precedence when Duel is launched.


Flank only has a relationship with Hero Coalition Skills.

5. Military Effect Bonus= Commander’s position bonus + leadership defense bonus (when on defensive side)/strength attack bonus(when on offensive side) + the highest skill book bonus in the hero’s team + Hero Coalition Skill launch bonus + Duel impact.

6. When more than one Skill Book is used, Skill Book bonus is not stacked; the higher bonus will be effective.
When two Alchemy Scrolls are used simultaneously, output bonus does not stack.

7. For the defenders side, there is no separate interface for you to appoint positions. When on defense, Hero Coalition System will choose the hero who has the highest leadership, highest intellect, highest strength, and second and third leadership automatically.

8. The Hero Coalition Skill and Scroll Effect can be activated only once in each battle.

9. Commander and Advisor’s Skill and Scroll will take precedence during the system selection in the war.

10. When a hero team is sent to support another city, only Commanders and Advisors can be deployed. Also, the Coalition Skills will not be activated, and the defensive force of the support units will be decided by the Commander’s rank.

11. Skills which increase the speed or attack of troops, will be decided by the highest ranked in the hero team, and will not stack.

12. When the attacking side has a Vanguard Hero, the probability of a Duel is connected with the strength of the attack Vanguard. When there is no Vanguard Hero in the attacking side, it will be connected with the strength of the Commander.

13. When a team of epic heroes is sent, if certain conditions are met, it will be likely to launch a Hero Coalition Skill.

14. Hero Coalition Skills have effects such as Attack and Defense bonus, kill enemy soldiers.

15. As long as two to five heroes have the same specific skill, a team of normal heroes can also launch Hero Coalition Skills.

16. The launch probability and power of Hero Coalition Skill is decided by the star level of the hero. The higher star level he has, the more powerful the combination will be, but the probability will be low. The lower the star level he has the less powerful of a combination it will be. However, the probability will be high. Thus, a team of normal heroes has the highest probability to launch a Hero Coalition Skill.

17. Hero Coalition Skill will occur after the hero Duels, and before the military battle. The fate of a hero’s Duel will effect the launch probability of Coalition Skill.

18. When the Hero Coalition Skill is launched, first the system will pick the starting side randomly to make both sides have an equal possibility of priority. Then the skill launching probability will be decided next. When a hero loses a Duel, his team can’t launch Hero Coalition Skill.

19. The final result of Hero Coalition Skill will be effected by the star level of heroes in the team. For example, Normal hero, Normal epic hero, Elite epic hero, Superior epic hero will have different bonuses.

Hero Coalition Skill bonus for a normal hero team will be 10%.

20. In most cases, if the attacking side fails, only the Commander will fled.

21. The following two special cases will result in the attacking side losing two additional heroes.

A. If there are one or more heroes who have the Sacrifice Skill, one of them will be killed.

B. If the defending side launches some special Hero Coalition Skill, the attacking side will also lose heroes.

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